Sunday, January 01, 2006

News 01.01.2006

Internet News
- Hands on with the Sharp W-ZERO3 - Too big, screen is dark, looks cheaply built. I personally would not want to lug this thing around everywhere, but that's just me.

- What Plans Does Sony Have Planed For 2006? - It is always calm before the storm...

- PS3 Riddled With Issues, Delay Likely? - I'm not one to fall for rumors, but every so often technology runs into a brick wall. It can be seen coming miles (in this case months) away, and it isn't very pretty. Not pretty at all. We've seen the Xbox 360 get off to a shaky start and is somewhat expected of such complex technology, and the PS3 will be one of the most complex piece of kit seen in a long time. All previous game consoles had there issues at launch, but the winner of this generation will be determined by how well and quickly the corresponding console makers make the necessary rebound.

Links Of The Day
- Free Online File Storage/Sending
- PSPMagazines
- MIT OpenCourseWare
- TinyPic
- IT Conversations


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