Friday, January 20, 2006

News 01.20.2006

Tech News
- 802.11n Proposal For Next-Gen Wi-Fi Approved - So, I'm guessing faster Internet speeds then?
- FAQ: What Does The Google Subpoena Mean? - If you haven't heard already, the Bush administration has asked a federal judge in San Jose, California to force Google to comply with a subpoena for search record information in order to defend a controversial Internet pornography law. Of course Google is not going to give this information up so easily... which leads me to my Google joke of the day: What is stronger than a 500 pound gorilla (Google)? A 10 ton (Republican) elephant. Yep, this could get real ugly real quick.

Internet Tablet Thoughts
It's funny how people react to new and different ideas. I've noticed a lot of news sites and blogs that talk about the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet are quick to jump all over the device's shortcomings and design flaws. From the hardware to the software, critics have found just about every flaw you can think of. Not enough memory, buttons don't feel right, operating system unstable, and on and on. Most of the bad reviews I've read have come from the PDA and mobile phone communities, and really don't understand the device and it's potential. Heck, I even forget that it's not a PDA at times. Sure, there's a lot that the device can't do, but it wasn't designed for many of the applications that people are expecting of it. I still think it is amazing what can be done with it and look forward to many more ideas to surface for the device.

PSP News
- PSP Outsells DS In US By 1 Million - Let the flaming begin...

Links Of The Day
- Google Mobilizer?
- Digg Cloud
- Damn Interesting


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