Sunday, January 22, 2006

News 01.22.2006

Tech News
Good links today. Mostly mobile versions of great sites. Of course there's the awesome Bloglines for mobile, and a new PSP version of Digg, plus I just recently found the mobile version of Flickr as well. I would love it if Writely and Netvibes made a mobile version of their services. We need more Web 2.0 sites and services to have mobile options. I have no doubt that as mobile devices continue to become more powerful and web services continue to emulate and enhance desktop applications, we will see amazing new ideas bloom. It is strange how some have forgotten about including accessibility of the sites and services to the growing number of mobile device users.

So, If you know of a cool mobile site or Web 2.0 service that works on mobile devices, please let us know about it. And don't forget to check out more great mobile links from our Links section in the sidebar.

Internet Tablet Thoughts
I've started playing with the video capabilities of the Nokia 770 recently and have found a suitable encoding method for video files. I was surprised at how good video looks even at a low resolution (240x144). I'm using Mplayer's mencoder to do all the encoding, and I'm quite happy with the results. Video is clear and smooth (25fps) and sound is great (96kbps). Now all I need is a larger memory card to play full movies.

Links Of The Day
- Digg PSP
- Technoogle
- Pocket Digg
- Flickr Mobile
- Bloglines Mobile


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