Monday, October 30, 2006

News 10.30.2006

More Details Emerge About The New Nokia Internet Tablet
- ThoughtFix has filtered out the more relevant info on the new Internet Tablet from the FCC filing documents, but it looks like there's still some questions left for Nokia to answer yet.

Halloween Theme For Netvibes
- Very cool theme from the Netvibes team. I hope the come out with some for the other holidays as well.

EMI Music CEO Says The CD Is 'Dead'
- Ooo, spooky!

Old Time Radio At The Monster Club
- Lots of great vintage radio horror shows.

La Fonera Subsidy Ending
- Hope everyone that wanted "El Cheapo" got it while they could. If not, you have until the end of this week when they raise the price from $5 to $29.95.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone.


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