Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nokia: Wireless And Full Of Widgets

Nokia Introduces a New Short-Range Wireless Standard called Wibree, intended to complement the Bluetooth wireless standard. Wibree is optimized for smaller, low cost, and less power hungry devices that could benefit from the new standard. The first commercial version of the interoperability spec won't be seen until the second quarter of 2007, but there are some interesting use cases that sure make sense of the new standard.
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Nokia Launches WideSets Widgets For Mobiles. The new mobile widget platform is available for Java MIDP 2.0 phones, and is currently in open beta. It's been described by O'Reilly as "WidSets is for the mobile what Netvibes is for the browser." This is all great news, but I have a question for Nokia. Where is the Java support for the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet?
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