Saturday, September 23, 2006

3pm Injection [26]

Well, if you haven't noticed, 3pm had a lot of links go "dark" this week with the recent stampede of digg users. We did an emergency update to help everyone separate the good mp3 links from the bad ones, and we are working hard to get some new music for you. Remember to show your support by buying something from the 3pm Store, and tell your friends and family about us. Also, if you know of any artist, song, or other mp3 you'd like to share with us or want to see on 3pm, let us know. What sounds good to you sounds good to us, and we mean that. Don't be afraid to try some of the mp3 links that are still standing on 3pm, as a lot of them are really good. Enjoy the music and stay posted for more great things to come to your ears in the very near future.

NET9 visitors, if you haven't heard the news yet, 3pm Injections are being migrated to 3pm Overdose. The next Injection you see here at NET9 will be the last, so be sure to bookmark/subscribe to 3pm Overdose for all your future 3pm Injections. Thank you.

3pm: "Spreading music to the masses"
Coxa - Amorita Drive
Dead Prez - Propaganda
Fergie - London Bridge [Buckey Remix]
Gnarls Barkley - The Last Time
Green Lantern feat. Dead Prez - Impeach The President
Lady Sovereign - 9 To 5
Lil' Wayne feat. Robin Thickie - Shooter
Yu-Tang Clan - Torture

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