Monday, September 25, 2006

News 09.25.2006

Bloglines Gets Even More Mobile With Skweezer
Bloglines Mobile now has integrated Skweezer technology to make surfing through links on mobile devices easier by optimizing web content for the smaller screens and giving users various image and language options to choose from. While Google has a way to this as well, Skweezer provides many other mobile services than just search.
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PSX-P: First Step Towards A PS1 Emulator For PSP
It was pretty obvious the PSP homebrew community would produce a PS1 emulator before Sony could come out with their official emulator. Although this is more of a "proof of concept" solution for playing PS1 games on the handheld, it could very well eat into any profits Sony have planed to make from their still yet to be seen solution.
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Could We See Zune Sell For $99?
There's some interesting speculation going on about Microsoft possibly subsidizing the Zune in order to gain market share and reach a critical mass needed to dig in to Apple's dominant iPod sales. It's a great idea, but the likelyhood of Microsoft pulling something this "inteligent" seems quite slim to me. That said, it may be the only logical way for the Zune to become the "iPod killer" it's been hyped up to be.
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