Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm Getting In To Symbian

Yep, I've been lusting over the recently released photos and info of the new US 3G N95 as well as the Black 8GB N95 lately, and I'm really thinking about getting an Nseries phone real soon. I don't know much about S60 phones, but I'm learning a lot of cool new stuff about the platform, and I think I'm about ready to jump on board the Nokia train in a big way with my next gadget purchase.

This doesn't mean I'm giving up on the Internet Tablet world in any way. I'll still use my 770 to the fullest potential, and I'm real excited to see what the successor(s) of the N800 will be capable of. However, between now and the next Internet Tablet launch, I'll be getting my hands on some high-end S60 phone/multimedia device. So come August 29th, I'll be all ears, eyes, and wallet for the latest and greatest from Nokia. Stay tuned for the highly reactive test results once NET9 gets some new "lab equipment" in.

UPDATE: I've been checking out the news and rumors about the Nokia N81 and after looking at the teaser site (several times) I think I see this device in my future. If my logic serves me correctly, there's a high probability that there are two hidden buttons on the face of that device (on each side of the speaker at the top of the phone) which will allow one to play games quite comfortably. I wondered why the device would be oriented in that strange way on the site...I think I understand now.


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