Thursday, August 09, 2007

Will They Form Voltron?

Nokia, Sprint, and Google seem to be preparing some sort of planetary alignment, ultimate collaboration, Captain Planet, Voltron solution with the recent moves they've been making. It's been known for some time that Nokia will have an update to the N800 with the addition of WiMAX connectivity, and Google wants to be the one to serve up the 700 MHz goodness to support WiMAX, who is teamed up with Sprint for the "big roll out". To complete the circle, Sprint is said to be set to offer the WiMAX enabled device sometime next year.

If this is some massive plan to push WiMAX to the max by the three giants, and it all works out, I'll put my money towards this very connectible new tablet. However, if the pieces don't appear to fall into place like they should, I might wait it out or look into other mobile offerings down the road. One thing's for certain, there's a lot of movement going on in the mobile arena and it may have something to do with the arrival of the iPhone, but it's still too soon to tell what will come of all this. All I know is it better be good or Voltron will disassemble.


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