Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kagu: Another Great Media Player For Internet Tablets

One of the many awesome developments over the Nokia Internet Tablet genre's relatively short time on the market is the various media playback options. There's many to choose from, and adding to the selection is the recently released Kago Media Player, which works on both the 770 and N800. The player is still in early development stages at this point, but it already works quite well as a nice visual audio player. The python powered app scans for your music and even has an option to find album covers via the web, which are displayed quite logically in the player.

A couple of the unique features that sets this player apart from the rest is its A2DP and maemoscrobbler support. One feature I'd like to see in future releases is the ability to zoom in on album covers to take full advantage of the nice bright screen of the Internet Tablets. It's great to have so many quality applications like Kagu being built for the Maemo platform. It's as if there's been a surge in development recently which helps inspires the community to contribute that much more to the growth of the platform.


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