Monday, May 25, 2009

Ovi Store And New Nokia Tablet Coming

Nokia's Ovi Store has begun to make it's way around the globe and has launched in Australia, Ireland, and Singapore. I've been excited about Ovi Store since it was announced earlier this year. Nokia's Ovi Store will offer content ranging from applications to games to video clips and more. It will finally bring content discovery for Nokia devices in a more organized and dynamic way. Ovi Store is expected to launch in other countries over the next few days, and you can bet we'll be checking it out as soon as it hits the states.

There's tons of news about the latest Nokia Internet Tablet, and it's enough to make anyone planing to purchase the upcoming N97 take a second look. The biggest problem with the new tablet is that it hasn't even been officially announced and will likely be quite some time after the announcement before it comes to market. The advantages of a device like this is that it will be the first Nokia tablet to incorporate HSPA. Sure, the N900 or "Rover" or whatever the official name of the device will have some features that will make future N97 owners envious, such as the 800x480 resolution screen and a more powerful processor, but the similarities between these two devices are so overlapping the it will be a wonder why anyone would want to wait for the new tablet.


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