Thursday, May 07, 2009

Chaos Reigns Supreme...

I'm sure just about everyone has heard about the latest Oprah giveaway of coupons for a free KFC meal. Well, we went to our nearest KFC today and was about to use our coupon until we observed the madness that ensued. Race, age, and gender are blurred when it comes to getting free food during a recession, especially when that food is fried chicken. Had I thought about it, I would have recorded the event with my phone, but I was in shock and ashamed at the same time.

How could something like this happen in 2009? KFC doesn't exactly have the healthiest food anyway, and I don't understand what is so free about the deal...

You first need a computer (many have this already), electricity (most have access to this, I hope), Internet access (here's where it gets interesting...), a printer (wait, what!?...), ink and paper (that's not free by any means!), a mode of transportation (last I heard, you'll pay for that big time), and time (ah, the most precious thing of all). Sure, these things are had by most of us or we know someone that can get some of it for us to complete our free chicken expedition, but is it really worth the wait? Oh, and if you don't think it's a big deal, you haven't seen the lines. You'll wait, and you still may not get anything due to the barbaric way this event was handled.

There were people being turned down for everything from having printed the coupon from the wrong site to the restaurant not having enough chicken. It's certainly a bad day for chickens all over, but it's humanity that has lost it's mind today. Colonel Sanders would be rolling in his grave to see such things.


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