Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mylo Too High?

After giving enough thought on the shock and awe announcement of Sony's Mylo handheld I realized it was a notable attempt by Sony, but it's not enough to trade in my Nokia 770 for one. I have a feeling other 770 users are feeling the same way. The thing is, once you have been introduced to the 770's many features and applications, it doesn't feel right loosing even just one of those great features. With the Mylo handheld I can see that happening. Screen size and resolution on the Mylo is a step back, no Bluetooth and only 802.11b just kills the ability to pair with a Bluetooth enabled cell phone as well as the idea of top speed Internet browsing. It's about what and what when it comes to user interfaces of both devices. The 770 works well enough with a touch screen, while I can see the QWERTY keyboard of the Mylo working equally well. As for the OS and applications, anything other than an open platform, strong development, and a growing community is simply unacceptable at this point in the game. We will see how Sony does in this area as it is to me the most important part of such a bold move into recently uncharted territory. For a price very close to that of the 770 [Mylo is expected to be $350], Sony may not gain as many buyers with this somewhat "below par" offering. However, they may have a chance if they put enough marketing muscle behind this thing and it couldn't hurt to show us they still care by making the platform as open as Maemo for the 770 is.

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