Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Touch Of The Future

So SlashGear got some video footage of the Synaptics Onyx concept phone, and boy does it look nice. The Onyx has no physical controls such as the keypad, joystick or scroll wheels found on traditional phones. Instead the Onyx relies on an "all-screen" touch interface. This is the type of interface I think the next generation of Internet Tablets from Nokia should have. [Check out the videos of the Onyx in action below.]

Here are some of my own drawings of what could be the future of Internet Tablets:
[1] - Top: Some minor adjustments in the current Nokia 770 design. Bottom: An "all-screen" version with just the top buttons left.
[2] - Top Left: A Tri-directional tablet for normal, phone, and game modes. Bottom Right: Improved version of the "all-screen" tablet with UI concept.
[3] - Full screen design with slide out keyboard and controls.
[4] - Improved version of the tri-directional tablet showing all three modes, and how the transparent cover would look. This is my personal favorite.

Synaptix Onyx Concept: Phone Application Demo

Synaptix Onyx Concept: Music Application Demo


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