Thursday, April 16, 2009

3pm Turns 3 Years Old

Three years ago an idea was born around bringing music to the web in a free, organized, and easy way. 3pm is that idea, and it is still alive. I learned a lot from working on the 3pm project from the very beginning. How much work was involved in keeping links up to date, how not to tangle certain legal business practices with certain "illegal" creative works, and most importantly how much I love music as an art form. 

I made a few cool friends along the way, but tons of enemies also. At first, the adversity of what 3pm brought to my very door drove me even harder and I accepted the challenge with a passion I had never known. It suddenly somehow grew into more of a chore that I made myself do. I think that's when I needed to take a step back from things to see that my new passion for the 3pm movement had clouded my ability to enjoy and appreciate music as an art form. I let 3pm to itself for awhile and started just doing 3pm Injections and it seemed a lot easier for me to work with, but recently the "haters" caught up with me again. This time I couldn't fight what was happening. Entire blog posts were being removed by Google themselves.

Here we are once again. My love for music is stronger than ever, and the 3pm legacy will continue. I will breath life into 3pm so long as I am able to breathe. I've been itching to do an update to the 3pm site lately, and a lot of links are in need of repair. So as we journey into the third year of 3pm's existence on the web, I just want to say thanks for everyone's interest in the idea and Happy Birthday 3pm.


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