Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mobile Post: BlogThis!

For the longest, time trying to post to NET9 via mobile phones has been nearly impossible. When I finally got to post from my N-95, I was quite excited, but the excitement was short-lived when I noticed that the post format was garbled and just plain sloppy. Well, I finally found a mobile blogging solution. BlogThis! is what works best. I use it now to start up a post while on the move, and when I know I won't have access to a PC for a while.

It also helps when using a bluetooth keyboard for writing up more lengthy articles (much like this one). I think the only element missing from the mobile posting formula is embedding multimedia such as images, video, and sometimes even hyperlinks. Once those become more streamlined and easy to implement, posting via mobile will forever change the Internet in a major way.

I look forward to doing more of these mobile posts in the future and bringing our readers ideas and more ways to bring your mobile creativity to the web.


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