Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Shoes

I successfully bought shoes online via my phone last week and was even able to track my shipment too. Finding good quality clothing that I actually like the look of is hard for me to do. Clothing, especially shoes, are the scariest things I can think of buying online due to the worries of "will it look the same as in the images?" or "it's my size, but will it really fit?" This was my first attempt at purchasing an article of clothing from my phone, and today my shoes arrived.

They are the AND1 Courtyard Slip On Low ordered from Zappos.com and they were apparently limited in the number of pair in my size. I love shoes that don't need strings, and I still miss my previous pair of AND1 slip-on shoes, but these will do just fine for the summer. They're a perfect fit, the price wasn't too bad, and they look good to me. I always liked the AND1 brand and the various styles of off-court shoe selection. It's just a shame they don't make the older styles anymore. Even today, some of them would look quite futuristic.

Sure this is all a bit off topic, but to be truly serious about being a mobile warrior, it all starts with the foundations. One has to be comfortable while on the move, and a good pair of shoes is just as important as a good mobile device. The AND1 Courtyard Slip On Low is now the official shoe of NET9. So, what's your footwear of choice?


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