Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What Has Come Of The Traditional PDA?

There was a time when you needed more than just a cell phone to operate on the go. During that time PDAs filled that void quite well, but my, how times have changed. Now just about every cell phone has the functions once only found in PDAs. Some devices, like smart phones, have even surpassed the abilities of the PDA altogether. The idea of the traditional PDA is fading fast, and some have been saying for some time that it's already dead. So in the age of feature packed mobile phones and computers you can easily carry in your pocket, why do people still buy traditional PDAs?

The answer, much like the PDA idea, is quite simple. Everyone doesn't need a cell phone or complicated pocket computer. A mobile phone requires one to pay monthly payments, which can become expensive over time and that isn't appealing to some people. Ultra mobile computers are still quite expensive, with the exception of a few devices, and are just as complicated to use as an ordinary PC. Again not the best solution for some people. There's still a surprisingly large number of people who just want to check and synchronize their email, calendar, and address book quickly and easily without paying a ton of money.

I think PDAs will stick around a little longer as there is still a need for them, but as being mobile becomes less expensive and can fill the needs of the PDA user, I'm sure there will be a proper funeral for the traditional PDA.


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