Monday, November 06, 2006

Where's My Pitchfork And Torch?

Mike Cane continues his search for signs of competence in Nokia after the somewhat disastrous reception of the recent to the Internet Tablet 2006 OS for the Nokia 770. There's been a lot of cases, from what I've heard around the Internet Tablet Talk forums, of 770 users having a range of problems with the new updated software, and some even regretting administering the upgrade due to lack of long requested features, fixes, etc. Although I had a flawless upgrade to the new version, I have to stand by my fellow 770 users and say that some major issues need to be resolved with the process of updating our Internet Tablets.

If Nokia plans on the next Internet Tablet hardware to be successful, they are really going to have to make upgrading these devices less "hit or miss" than what we've got right now. I only hope the good people at Nokia are competent enough to come up with a solution to this problem quickly, or they may see a lot less sales of their new tablet than expected.

Prepare To Be Liberated
FON Buys GSpace and will add network attached storage capabilities to a future wireless router dubbed the FON Liberator. The device is slated for a Febuary 2007 launch and will allow users to attach external storage via USB and will also have a BitTorrent client and other interesting features built in.


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