Sunday, November 05, 2006

News 11.05.2006

New Canola Media Player Footage - Not sure what the official name of this beautiful app for the 770 is yet, but I definitely like it. I hope it's released soon.

Meebo Gets A Huge Update

Gamoku has launched. It's the new free flash-based game site built to work well with wireless enabled mobile devices such as PDAs, certain cell phones, and and other small-screened devices with a web browser and flash player. The size of the game area for each game is a bit small on the 770's screen, but with a little digging you can find the source for just the .swf locations to make for a more useful view. Here are some of the games from the site that I found to be somewhat enjoyable:

- Rotation
- Snake
- Blackjack
- Air Hockey
- Freecell Solitaire
- Bomb Squad
- Drop
- Table Soccer

Check out the site for other games as well.


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