Friday, November 10, 2006

Giving Credit Where It's Due

So Ari Jaaksi's got a blog post about the new Hacks and Apps Gallery on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet site, and it just so happens to have my name as the developer of the VNC Viewer application in the gallery. I'd like to get the whole story behind this great app told, and spread the recognition for its development across the other two people that had/have a hand in the foundation and continued improvement of VNC Viewer for the 770.

First, Aaron L. was first to port VNC Viewer to the Maemo platform (2005 version), but wasn't able to make much time to continue its development. This is where I took up the challenge and ported Aaron's version over to the 2006 OS and continued for a short while to make further improvements, but I too, came to a point where I was unable to dedicate much time to work on the program. Then came Detlef Schmicker to continue further development and even added some much needed functionality to VNC Viewer. As of this post, Detlef's version is the most complete and fully functional, but anyone that wishes to improve on the application has only to grab the source from either of us three and go for it.

Of course there are the other great applications in the gallery and even more can be found in the Maemo Application Catalog. Finally, I'd like to thank Nokia for recognizing the many efforts of the community that help make the Maemo platform such a great mobile experience.


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