Friday, September 28, 2007

Nokia Unlocked And Wrapped Up

ThoughtFix has a very nice summary of how things went down in LA with great info on how the third Internet Tablet will be more consumer oriented but will likely stay just as hackable as the 770 and N800. He emphasizes the importance of the community, with the help of Nokia, tapping into the potential of these devices a lot more going forward. It is a symbiotic relationship between manufacturer, developers, and users of technology that drive the technology forward and expand on it's usefulness. I think Nokia has shown great wisdom to see the necessity of this relationship.

Look forward to more great news surrounding the next addition to Nseries Internet Tablet from Nokia soon. Like the N800 launch before it, the new tablet is certain to have a lot more surprises ahead.

Update: Surprise! ThoughtFix brings us some new info about the third Internet Tablet possibly incorporating a slide out keyboard. Things are getting a bit more interesting...


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