Friday, October 05, 2007

The N95 Is Amazing!

The first thing that came to mind when I started using the N95-3 was sheer amazement. Nokia really stuffed so much into such a small package, it's ridiculous! I could write several books on how much this device can do, but I'll save some stuff for future posts. Since the actual hardware itself is the first thing I played around with, I'll start with that.

This multimedia powerhouse is small. Much more pocketable than the I first thought it would be, the dimensions of the device just feel perfect in hand and the build quality is quite solid. The dual slider is very slick, and as I have the black and silver version, the rubberized feel of the back gives a comfortable surface to grip. With so much going on with device, such as buttons, input/output, cameras, speakers, memory card slot, and battery compartment, it still maintains a nice sleek shape that must have been a real challenge to all the people that are involved in its creation.

The face of the device is quite simple for such a complex device. The screen is clear and crisp, even quite viewable outdoors. the button placement and quality is excellent. The speaker placement had me a bit worried until I actually heard them. I never would have thought that so much sound could come out so clearly from a device this small! And of course the 5MP camera is outstanding. I've heard all the nightmare stories of the original N95 battery life, but I have to say the battery life of the N95-3 is a dream come true. I've been pushing the device to the max (I think) using the WiFi connection most of the time and it lasted the whole day. I'm quite impressed with how well put together all the functions of the N95-3 are.

As I spend more time with the device and it's many features, I'll post more of my observations and feelings about it. Stay tuned for my thoughts about the OS and other aspects of this marvelous Nseries device.


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