Thursday, November 02, 2006

How Could I Forget?

I posted some reasons why the PDA is still alive and kicking [albeit not as hard] and realized that I had forgotten other reasons why it remains relevant to mobile users. According to research by In-Stat, 75% of SmartPhone users also carry a PDA. But it doesn't end here. They also say that 80% of cameraphone owners also carry a separate digital camera and more than 50% of users of multimedia phones also carry their MP3 players. So it sounds like the built-in functions of these multipurpose phones still don't quite reach the capabilities of their dedicated counterparts.

I also think that a lot of people already have a separate device when they purchase a new phone, and either want to continue to get the most use out of their gadget or they just have become so comfortable with using the older gadget and would rather not have to fumble around with learning how to use the feature on their newer phone.

Although it still may be true that most mobile users would rather not have to lug around so many different devices, it's more likely they will replace the older dedicated PDA, camera, and MP3 player with better, faster, and smaller dedicated devices within this group than buy or begin to use an all-in-one mobile device for these functions. Besides, with many of the separate devices gaining wireless connectivity, it's becoming that much easier to connect and continue using them without physically handling them.

I still believe we'll begin to use multifunction mobile devices down the road, and we'll continue to see manufacturers try new combinations of functionality going forward as well. It's just a matter of time before the recipe of making a mobile gadget is perfected, but with ingredients like cameras, multimedia, PDA functions, wireless, etc., it may take a while. And as we start to use all of these and newer functions in new and unique ways, there is sure to be that perfect device for any and everyone in the future.
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