Sunday, October 05, 2008

Food And Fun At The Fair

Whole turkey legs, BBQ ribs that overflow enormous plates, massive corn dogs, bags of cotton candy, a huge variety of funnel cakes, and gigantic cups of southern style sweet tea to wash it all down. That's just some of the awesome feastings we experienced at the Georgia National Fair down in Perry Georgia this Saturday past. Of course if you wanted to enjoy the numerous rides, you would be wise to put a hold on all that food.

We had a wonderful time and I can't wait until the next one. But it's not over yet. If you're in the area, the fair goes on until the 12th of this month.Enjoy while you can. It was a blast.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Changing Of The Guard

I've been keeping up with the latest mobile news via my Nokia N95-3 mostly, and have to say, there have been times that I still miss the speed and flexibility of a full-featured PC with a web browser that presents the "true" face of the internet. 

It once was nice to get most of that experience with the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and its successors, but it's about time for an upgrade, and I'm hoping Nokia can deliver one that will suit me best. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone looks like a winner to me so far. It finally brings touch UI to S60, which is awesome since I've grown to really love the platform and have been wishing for the same (if not better) touchscreen experience gained from the Internet Tablets.

Another major plus in the 5800's massive list of features is of course its music offerings with the connection to Comes With Music service. I've always been a lover of music, and Nokia has a noble warrior of a device in the 5800 to go head to head with the likes of competitors such as Apple, Sony Ericsson, etc. Also, as a huge fan of what I label as "extension technologies", the inclusion of TV-out and accelerometer features are the keys to making me want to upgrade from my N95-3.

No doubt that this will be one of the greatest milestones for Nokia, but I have a feeling it is only the beginning of even greater things to come. The Nokia 5800 will likely be my next handset, and I congratulate Nokia once again for bringing more to the table than expected.