Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Levels of HTML knowledge

6 levels of HTML knowledge among people, spanning from next to nothing to those who write the actual HTML specifications. Quite a funny read and not to be taken to seriously.

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News 05.31.2006

- Looks like Netvibes is working hard as usual to bring users more great features to its service. They have recently announced that the service would be down to make the upgrade. Other recent updates to the Todo list, Calendar module, module, and other improvements were made as well. This is one Web 2.0 service that is growing fast and becoming more mature everyday.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

EarthLink To Franchise Its Metro-Scale Wi-Fi Model

The company told ISPCON attendees that there are so many business opportunities out there, it wants to offer franchises to WISPs in markets it's not pursuing itself.

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Internet2 To Get GigaFast

Internet2 is plenty fast when it comes to speed. It currently runs at about 10 gigabits per second. But that might seem downright glacial when the network operators are done with an upgrade. Plans are afoot to use 80 channels to pump 10 gigabits per second per channel, and upgrade the total backbone bandwidth to a whopping 800 Gbps.

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Just the podcasts from last week

Buzz Out Loud - 05.25.06 - Get your Wii for cheap
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Replacing The Desktop: What's Missing In Web 2.0?

Web applications replacing the desktop? Here are two problems we need to solve before that can happen. Problem 1: Offline Access. Problem 2: Encrypted, Searchable Storage.

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

AllofMP3 Declared illegal

Popular Russian online music download service has been declared illegal by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), and prosecutions are reported to be underway. The Moscow-based service, whose market share at 14% comes second only to iTunes in the UK, has been accused of not paying royalties to artists.

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

3pm Injection [9]

Here we are, 9th 3pm Injection and no complaints in a while. Looks like all is well in the land of 3pm. For those that don't know, 3pm started as a personal music project for myself and a couple friends to use while programing, building web pages, studying for classes, and various other boring tasks. From what we have gathered, 3pm really helps get through the busy nights of work. I'd like to think there are a lot of people out there using 3pm for the same. It's been a while since I've looked back at the progress of 3pm, but I still use it to get through the busy nights. These days, I am busy finding more links. And for me, 3pm has been worth the trouble.

3pm: "It's better than dead silence"
E-40 feat. Dru Hill - I Got 5 On It
Fat Joe feat. Nelly - Get It Poppin'
Gilligan's Island - Theme
Alchemist - Platform [Instrumental]
Lionel Richie - All Night Long

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Will WiMax Trump Wi-Fi?

WiMax and 802.11n (and related standards) are somewhat unrelated. Wi-Fi is a local area network technology; WiMax (whether fixed, nomadic, or mobile) are wide-area network technologies.

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Cisco blogger dives into digital home issues

It seems Pollyanna to assume that Intel (Viiv), Apple (iLife/iHome), Microsoft (nearly everything), Cisco (LinkSys/Scientific Atlanta), Time Warner (most everything), and Verizon (should be everything) would work together to build out simplicity, convenience, and integration for all things IP in and around the home. But what are the alternatives?

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

News 05.25.2006

- has updated their home page to show a hotlist of popular links.

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Fastest Internet Ever Coming Your Way

An Internet that leaves the current Internet in the dust is within reach. Some lucky individuals have already seen the possibilities thanks to the next-gen Net\'s major research network, a consortium of more than 300 universities, research labs, government agencies, and corporations called Internet2.

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Site Wide Duplicate Content Analyzer

This tool crawls your entire site and then analyzes all your pages for duplicate content. It shows similarity percentage among all pages on your site, so you can see what pages are similar enough to trigger a flag in major search engines and consequently they can penalize your site for duplicate content.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New domain launched for mobile phones

Web browsing on portable phones still has some way to go before it is as useful and convenient as browsing from a PC, but a new industry consortium wants to change all that. Their plan? Introduce another top level domain called ".mobi", which will feature content formatted for mobile devices.

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News 05.24.2006

- Business 2.0 gives their view on the next stage in mobile evolution. Guess what? It's gonna be a wireless one.

- Om Malik has good news from Gizmo Project on their recent v.2.0 release. Lots of improvements and additions, and news that it will work on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

eMusic: Making Money Selling Music Without DRM

We all know who rules the roost when it comes to downloaded music sales. But who\'s number two? The answer may surprise you.

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Apple + Nike

Could the two companies have a partnership as early as tomorrow?

Apple press release
How it all works

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News 05.23.2006

As online downloadable video becomes mainstream, it may become difficult to find the shows you like to see on television. There are many sites popping up everywhere that provide noteworthy solutions to this problem, and as some are still in the early stages of development there may be some gaps where episodes of shows are missing. Some of these sites are providing video content illegally, and some are not. Then there are those that contain a mix of legal and illegal content. Anyway, it's all laid out for now in the sites listed below.

Don't forget though, music came before video, and there are some very good audio content streaming and download sites as well. Of course there's always 3pm which was formed as a NET9 project. Others are listed in the links below as well.

Web Links
Adult Swim Fix
Cartoons on YouTube
Google Video (Beta)
Sci Fi - Pulse

OverClocked ReMix

TWiT 55: So Sue Me
Buzz Out Loud - 05.22.06 - On PERL and Pearl Jam

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wireless VOIP: The Shifting Future of Wireless Voice

The technology is in its early stages, there's no proven business model, and there's strong disagreement about how the trend will play out. But most experts agree that voice over IP (VoIP) will eventually combine with new types of wireless broadband to change how businesses and consumers acquire and use mobile and fixed voice services.

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3pm Injection [8]

Well, it's been fun everyone. This is the very last 3pm Injection. No one seems to care about 3pm anymore, so I'm shutting it down. Just kidding. 3pm is safe and the Injections will proceed as well. It would be a lot cooler if we got some feedback though. I've got no problem with silence though. As long as people like 3pm that's all that matters.

3pm: "We don't need no stinking DRM!"
Bob Marley - Is This Love
Insight - Seventeen MCs
Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy
OC ReMix - Super Mario Bros. - Bowser Is Pissed
Seal - Touch

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Friday, May 19, 2006

This Is Your Brain on Nanotubes

"Carbon nanotubes -- incredibly strong, electrically conductive, hollow molecules of carbon about a nanometer in diameter -- have for more than a decade been prized by materials scientists. They've added them to batteries to increase their surface area and are developing light-emitting nanotubes for telecommunications."

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Skype On Net Neutrality: We'll be so big, they can't stop us!

"What if Internet Service Providers decide to just block Skype altogether? Some companies are working on solutions to block Skype and other VoIP-traffic. Skype's battleplan is simple. If their user base is large enough, companies will think twice about tampering with Skype traffic."

- Skype is betting that "the community has the power to change things" in the Net Neutrality battle. Let's just hope Skype feels the same way should they decide to kill the free calling to landlines in the US and Canada next year.

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News 05.18.2006 cracks me up at times. The article on "Broadband Speed Overkill" is just one recent barrel of laughs. Yeah, a lot of people are getting more bandwidth than they need, but those that do want/need bandwidth can't get enough. I'd say that given enough time, applications such as high-definition video, video streaming, and large web applications will take up the "unused" portion of the bandwidth they speak of. My philosophy is better safe than sorry, meaning broadband service providers had better keep customers happy with "too much" than "too little" bandwidth. With the market becoming more and more competitive every day, there's no room to mess around with how much is too much when it comes to broadband service.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

News 05.17.2006

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The Future of Network Neutrality
Linksys Launches Wireless-G Phones

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sony's Blu-ray Goof

A reporter from PC Magazine showed up at a Sony event in NYC where the company was displaying their new AR laptop and mobile pc. While there, Sony was playing a Blu-ray DVD, "The House of Flying Daggers." But when the reporter ejected the DVD, it was really a DVD-R! Sony wasn't too happy.

UPDATE: 'Sony Blu-Ray Goof' Debunked! It seems it was just a bad dream...this time.

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A Web Address for a Phone Number? Do .Tel

A leading Internet authority has approved a new set of Web addresses to serve, in effect, as Internet telephone numbers.At a recent meeting, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the group tapped London-based Telnic to administer the addresses.

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News 05.16.2006

- Internet Tablet Talk has news that Nokia has announced the Internet Tablet 2006 OS Update. The update will be available free for download for existing Nokia 770 owners second quarter of this year. New Nokia 770 owners will get the new 2006 OS pre-installed. The update includes the promised Google Talk software as well as other UI enhancements. Here is the full Nokia Press Release.

- Google announces Google Notebook. This seems handy, but what about Writely? I am partially confused by Google's actions sometimes.

- It seems Google is the news of the day. Even Dilbert has joined the fray.

- Sony just released more info on the new VAIO UX Micro PC. It is slated for a July release at a price of about $1,800. The specs look tight:
  • Microsoft® XP Professional
  • Intel® Core™ Solo Ultra Low Voltage CPU
  • 4.5-inch wide SVGA screen with XBRITE™ technology
  • Wireless WWAN, LAN and Bluetooth®
  • Two built-in cameras (one for video conferencing and one for taking photos)
  • A VGA adapter is included to connect the PC to a projector
  • Integrated biometrics fingerprint sensor
  • G-Sensor™ shock protection to protect the unit’s hard drive
  • A docking station with three 2.0 USB ports, Ethernet, VGA, iLink® IEEE-1394 interface and an AV output
Engadget #80 - 05.15.06

A streetlight with internet access.. Streetlight 2.0?

That�s right, a streetlight in Zoetermeer (Holland) allows users to surf the web through a Wi-Fi connection. Developed by KPN, Lucent, and Tyco Electronics, it boasts two LCD screens for displaying information. No word yet on if we�ll see this technology stateside.

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Google +Nokia +3Dglasses= Minority Report

Animated gif about the news we have lately read: 3D glasses are taking off, the two big boys Nokia and Google signed an agreement to merge 770 WiFi device and GTalk software, and as we already know, Google won the WiFi area network contest in San Francisco.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

SkypeOut now FREE for US & Canada!

Yes. It is really very, very free. There's no prepayment, no minimum use, no subscription, no monthly fee, no nothing. You just download and install Skype and then you start calling. Both the caller and the number called must be in either the US or Canada. There are no strings attached.

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News 05.15.2006

- jkOnTheRun has news that Sony viral marketing campaign hints at a new Sony U ultra-portable and just revealed More Sony UX pics for those interested. The Sony VAIO teaser notes that more info will be revealed tomorrow.

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Wi-RAN Wireless Rolling Area Network

a service that allows passenger access to the Internet via a specially developed Wi-Fi Access point installed on a moving vehicle.

- I know I could use something like this on trips to New Orleans.

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Wireless Google. Could it be good? Or evil?

Google wants to provide free wi-fi, but will it threaten net-nuetrality?

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Thin Clients are Back

Just about the re-start of the Thin clients and network computing.

I think this time around we'll see what I call "slim" clients, which integrate the best of both worlds (client and server). People want there information to be accessible no matter what happens. This requires redundancy, and having certain files encrypted and stored online provides that, but people still want access to the original file. I think the biggest hurdle for this new way of networked computing is how file synchronization will work. This is definitely the future of computing and it will be interesting to see which ideas produce fruits of success and which ones die on the vine.

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News 05.13.2006

- Internet Tablet Talk has word that Google and Nokia are teaming up to bring Google Talk to the Nokia 770. This could get very interesting.

- When will that cocky Kutaragi ever learn that you can screw over people for their money for only so long. This generation of the PlayStation is doomed. Doomed!

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3pm Injection [7]

Tommorow is Mother's Day and the 16th is my mom's birthday as well, so this is for her and all the mothers out there. Happy Mother's Day!

3pm: "Nothing to see here, sing along"
Kanye West - Hey Mama
Bob Marley - No Woman, No Cry
Carlos Santana - Supernatural
Beatles - They Say It's Your Birthday
Jimi Hendrix - Happy Birthday
Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Russian MP3 sales site second only to iTunes

A Russian company labelled by the music industry as as an "unlawful" operation was nonetheless second only to iTunes as the favoured destination of UK digital music buyers during April 2006, figures from UK-based market watcher XTN Data reveal.

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News 05.12.2006

- NewsForge has a great article highlighting the true strength of the Nokia 770, the applications.

- It looks like Cisco is hip to VOD (Video On Demand), and is getting set to capitalize on the potential opportunities it's future holds.

- NewsForge shows the little guys as well as the not-so-little guys The right way to run a Wi-Fi cafe.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

News 05.10.2006

Ars asks Is Internet Addiction a real problem? Be sure to take the test and see how addicted you are. The idea is laughable at the very best.

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Opera confirms: Their browser will be on the Wii

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Alchemist - The Basics [Instrumental]
Black-Eyed Peas - Don't Lie
Insight - Mental Mechanic

RIAA: You Can Now Listen To Your CDs On Your iPod

From the how-kind-of-them dept: The recording industry has magnanimously decided to ask the government to change copyright laws, to allow people to rip their own CDs, so they can be listened to on other devices. Of course, it's ridiculous enough that the industry has to give its approval to such a move.

In other news, you can now put gasoline in your car to fuel it.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


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TWiT 53: Boyz of Destruction
Buzz Out Loud - 05.08.06 - Molly Wood goes to Hollywood
Engadget #78 - 05.09.06
Buzz Out Loud - 05.09.06 - Hot news from E3 gaming conference

Sony PS3 $499US version will NOT have HDMI port

Link is to a PDF document hosted on Sony's site. The third page lists the differences between the two versions. The cheaper version does NOT have Memory Stick, HDMI, or wireless.

...Oh, how dissapointing. Things do not look good for Sony these days. Sony's near future doesn't look to hot either.

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Put a live Digg button on your website

3tunes-downloads music from

"3tunes is a time-shifting application for the website It grabs the music information from the titlebar of Mozilla Firefox and then saves the music with the correct track information, in the format of %artist% - %title%.mp3. "

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cisco to update Wi-Fi setup

Cisco Systems is planning to announce a new wireless module for its Catalyst 6500 Ethernet switch that will provide more centralized management and enhanced features for Cisco's Wi-Fi product.

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Building a Wireless ISP Network....The Opportunity

In the US, most of the people have one or more broadband access services to choose from - variations of DSL from multiple vendors and cable. That is if you're in a metropolitan area. For more rural locations your choices are limited....if you have any at all. Therein lies an opportunity for those willing to pursue it.

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3pm Injection [6]

So yesterday was my birthday, and I feel pretty. ^_^
Anyway, this is week six of the Injections if you don't know already. We have some great tunes and other awesome mp3 clips for your hungry ears and lots more to come. I'm continuously amazed at all the interesting and even some hilarious mp3s I trip on while looking for new and old music around the web. I tell you, I could do this for a living sometimes...

3pm: "Be an Internet DJ"
Bill Withers - Lovely Day
Daft Punk - One More Time
Unknown - Hip Hop History
TSP - Natural Born DJ
Kingdom Hearts - Ending

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Something Weird Is Going On

NET9 is currently having technical difficulties. Please stand by.

Friday, May 05, 2006

News 05.05.2006

Off Topic
Happy Cinco de Mayo! Tomorrow is my birthday. I turn 25. One quarter of a century old. You can see some of the events that happend the year I was born (1981) here.

Some notable 1981 events are:
April 12 - The first launch of a Space Shuttle: Columbia launches on the STS-1 mission.
June 5 - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that five homosexual men in Los Angeles, California have a rare form of pneumonia seen only in patients with weakened immune systems (these were the first recognized cases of AIDS).
August 1 - MTV (Music Television) is launched.
December 28 - The first American test-tube baby, Elizabeth Jordan Carr, is born (Norfolk, Virginia)

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

802.11n: Buy Now, or Wait?

Good article on Wired News about the new unfinalized Wi-Fi standard. Should we, the customers, invest in 802.11n, even though it only received 46% at the last paltry vote? 802.11n does promise a huge performance boost. I hate how all of these corporate battles screw us in the end. It's the same darned thing that's happening with Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD.

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News 05.04.2006

More news on the Net Neutrality situation - Rep. Ed Markey introduces a separate bill after his amendment was voted down in committee. Let's see how far this one goes.

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More MuniFi Woes, Google Mountain View Network Problems
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Scientists harness the power of pee
Symbol Framework To Centrally Manage Wireless Nets

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cisco's Chambers foresees networks of networks

The chief executive of networking gear giant Cisco Systems Inc has traced his vision for the role unified communications and virtualization would play in the enterprise, during his keynote at the Interop conference in Las Vegas.

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802.11n Wi-Fi Draft Fails First Letter Ballot

The spec-in-training also failed to garner a simple majority, with only 47% voting in favor of moving the draft to the next step in the IEEE process.

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News 05.03.2006

Wireless manufacturers go ga-ga over 802.11n
PDA eye strain leads to rise in optician awareness

I know a lot of you are getting tired of the Net Neutrality topic and some still have no idea what it even is. I'm gonna run this topicuntil the legs fall off it, so get informed and get involved or get out of the way. Here's some recent news on what's going on.

No love for network neutrality in the Senate
Why You Should Care About Network Neutrality
Network Neutrality Act of 2006
Tim Berners-Lee On Network Neutrality

Web Links
Save The Internet

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Three Rules for Safer Wi-Fi Away From Home

Do you really know what it takes to be secure when accessing a public wireless network from your own laptop? Paranoia is definitely desirable when keeping your information private.

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Citywide wi-fi: More tricky than it sounds

A tale of two cities...

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News 05.02.2006

Not much to report here. Had a few network problems for a few days and had to find alternate Internet access to get work done. I'm still recouping from the trip this past weekend, so news may be a bit sparse as I catch up with everything going on.

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Portable Playlist
Adult Swim Fix

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TWiT 52: Photo 145

NYTimes: Jambo Networks - Social WiFi Radar

The New York times is talking about a new social WiFi radar application called Jambo, that finds chance encounters everywhere, even on airplanes.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Eye-Fi to Combine Wifi, Flash Memory

A company called Eye-Fi has invented SD memory cards that have Wi-fi capabilities built in. That way you never need to pull the memory card out of your digi-cam or phone, just transfer you images over to your comp. immediately. This kind of cuts off the need for a Bluetooth dongle.

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