Saturday, December 31, 2005

The All-In-One Card

This card would make mp3 players like iPod history and most PDA's and cell phones look bulky and old. It is called "All-in-One Card" or AIO Card" (or Advanced Input Output Card) It has almost everything you need in a modern gadget and more.

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elgooG: Google reversed!

This is an interesting site that has taken Google and completely reversed it. Everything you love about Google (search algorithms, everything is still there), merely a face lift gone wrong for Google! Just try typing into the search box (and you thought it wasn't completely reversed)!

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Predictions For 2006

I see just about everyone making predictions for next year and beyond and figured NET9 should have one of its own, so here is the first NET9 "Top Nine Predictions" for 2006:

- Blogs and Ajax will meet each other and produce the Blog 2.0 phenomenon.

- The Internet Tablet will gain ground quickly in the mobile computing market and give PDAs and laptops a run for their money.

- Google will release Google Calendar - It will completely blow everyone away!

- Wi-Fi enabled digital cameras will be the downfall of sites like Flickr and will cause image hosting companies to have to outsource bandwidth and storage to Google.

- The PSP will get an upgrade - more memory, built in HDD, recordable UMDs and UMD recorders, higher capacity Memory Stick PRO Duos, or something along those lines.

- VoIP will be the next "big step" for wireless mobile devices.

- Modern web browsers like Mozilla Firefox will become corner stones in the era of web-based operating systems.

- Microsoft will force itself to being a web services company by failing badly with the launch of Windows Vista and its shifted focus on its "software as services" concept.

- The companies to watch in 2006 will be:
  • Google, as they continue to make "big moves" in areas that were stagnant or didn't exist before they joined the game.
  • Sony, as they learn or didn't learn from the "rootkit fiasco"
  • Apple, as they continue to dazzle consumers with its "clean, simple, and stylish" products and services
  • Mozilla, as their Firefox Internet browser becomes the "platform of choice" as it grows in to the next generation of connectivity to the Internet.
  • Nokia, as they attempt to create a new category of mobile devices with its 770 Internet Tablet and ventures into the wonderful world of Open Source Software with the new Maemo platform.
"Don't let the future happen, make it happen." - Derek Coleman

Vertical Farming

At humankind's current rate of growth, it is estimated that by the year 2050, the planet will be host to three billion more people than it is today. Yet at present, over 80% of the planet's arable land is already in use, which leaves one to wonder how such a large number of people will be fed.

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Friday, December 23, 2005

See You In 2006!

Happy Holidays to everyone! This year has been an interesting one. As we go forward in the next year, we must learn from the mistakes we have made, fix the problems we have discovered, and build on the good ideas that were made. We will see you all next year!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

News 12.20.2005

Internet News
- LibJingle All The Way - Look out Skype, Gizmodo, and VoipBuster. Here comes Google.

- Web 3.0? - I personally think that it is too soon to be speculating on what to expect from Web 3.0. We are just now beginning to grasp the power of Web 2.0 using the tools that have been around for almost a decade. I also think that Web 3.0 will rely on newer hardware as well as stronger security and standard protocols. Web 2.0 has barely begun, and will have a long life before Web 3.0 is necessary.

- Why Apple Is The New Sony - Yep, the iPod is the new Walkman. The key element that Apple has going for them that Sony has never had is the charm necessary to make there proprietary hardware and software appealing while at the same time not force-feeding customers everything with a "one option" marketing scheme. Sony has tried to corner customers by making there products only work with theirmedia formats and has been successful with that approach until now. They now need to play catch-up with the likes of Apple and other companies in order to survive. History has proven time and time again that competition brings the best out of competitors. We will see what comes of Apple as they continue to make the right moves, and what Sony will do to get back in the game.

- Will Mobile Broadband Kill Wi-Fi? - I foresee Wi-Fi becoming like Ethernet, still there still needed in certain situations where newer data transportation technologies are excessive and expensive to implement.Wi-Fi isn't going anywhere.

PSP News
- EA Returns PSP Madden Fumble

Links Of The Day
- SHOUTcast
- BugMeNot
- Amazon Mechanical Turk

Sunday, December 18, 2005

News 12.18.2005

Internet News
- Ice Storm Leaves 500,000 Without Power - These are the events that will become more devastating as we continue to rely more and more on electricity for everyday life. It is sad that in 2005-2006 we still have to depend on such outdated technology to power our newer technology. What will it take for us to wake up to this issue that needs to eventually be solved?

- Ramp Creates Power As Cars Pass - This is the sort of technological advancements that are needed in the world today. Imagine toll roads, underground parking lots, and fast-food restaurants using this ramp.

- Gmail Mobile on The PSP - Thanks to Google, we are now able to do most of the things on the go that we are accustom to doing on the PC. I think Google is doing an excellent job at supporting mobile devices and the mobile world has become much more rich because of that. Mobile computing will play a large role in the future, and Google knows it. With the addition of Google Local for mobile and now Gmail Mobile, we have two of the most needed tools for users on the go.

- Linux Running On The PalmOne LifeDrive - Behold, the power of Linux at its best. As mobile devices begin to use the same or similar parts a PC or laptop uses, It will become even more easy to run Linux on these devices. This will allow users to take full advantage of the hardware instead of being limited to what manufacturers and OEMs think you should have.

Links Of The Day
- Million Dollar Homepage
- Lightweight Flickr Viewer
- ThemePSP

Friday, December 16, 2005

News 12.16.2005

Internet News
- Gmail Mobile - One more way to get your Gmail mail. Also new for Gmail: Vacation auto-responder - Let people know that you will be away from your Gmail account. Contact groups - Send messages to a group instead of adding individuals manualy.

- What Ajax Can't Do - Good article reminding developers of the limitations of Ajax and problems yet to be solved using Ajax.

- Skype For Pocket PC 1.2 Beta - It seems the good people at Skype haven't forgotten mobile device users after all.

- Microsoft And Google Team To Fund Net Lab - Step up folks, and see the two-headed monster that will determine the fate of the Internet as you know it!

PSP News

- PSP Gets 2D Katamari

Links Of The Day

- SimpleBits

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

A More Dynamic Blog

I have made a few changes to the blog today. The first being the removal of my profile box. I don't think it is necessary at this point in time. Also notice the ability to toggle the Links, Previous Posts, and Archives sections in the side bar. They now collapse and expand by clicking the corresponding title. I will likely add new sidebar elements as time progresses that will enhance the user experience here at the NET9 blog.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Could a U.S. Shift to IPv6 Cost $75 Billion?

"Moving to IPv6 will present a number of challenges for the U.S. federal government, not the least of which is the associated price tag, which could hit $75 billion."

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

How to: Build a Webpage (cute!)

Step by step process on creating and designing a webpage with little dolls used as visual aids!

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

"Doing It All Online - Part 3"

The third article in the series about accomplishing various tasks over the Internet, once only done through programs run on the desktop. Check out the previous articles and others at NET9.

Yahoo acquires

Yep, It's official.!

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Is Google Web Clips Annoying or Awesome?

With the addition of Web Clips to Gmail, there have been some very different oppinions about its presence.We at NET9 are open-minded about the idea, and we think it's cool. Let us know what you think.


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