Monday, November 22, 2010

Time For Some More Change

So we have been looking at ways to update the site a little and we have decided on brightening up the text and we've added our Twitter feed to the sidebar as well. We are always looking to improving and adapting NET9 as we continue to grow. We hope you like what we've done, and we look forward to your feedback.

We finally got a new iPod Touch [4G] in the lab, and are loving the new features. The screen is amazing, the speed on and off-line is excellent, and the cameras are more useful than we expected. Of course, the mobility of this device is out of this world, and I personally love the multitasking feature. We'll continue to test the capabilities of these iPods as new apps become available and as various web services are adapted to mobile computing devices in the future.

As we come closer to the end of this year, we have seen many trends surfacing that will develop and mature throughout next year. We see this wave of new ideas and products around the same time every year, and this years' trends look to be the Kinect [because gesture and voice interfaces are the future], NFC [near field communication tech will finally start to gain traction in the states and will change the payment process in a huge way], Internet TV [Google TV, Apple TV, and various others are bringing the web and tv together, but each one has their own ideas about how it should work], Social and Location [who and where you are has never been so important in the last few years, and sharing all that was cool, but this time it's personal...].

We are seeing a lot of change in the mobile industry lately. Some of it we like, some we don't like. Some ideas we see as a big deal for the future [AR, gesture/speech recognition] are being overshadowed by frivolous quibbles between the very companies [Google vs. Facebook] that could be developing these ideas more quickly and efficiently. There needs to be a refocus of efforts on the parts of everyone in the coming year, because I see rough roads ahead if we don't.